Somaliland:Somaliland Police Commissioner Confirms Arrest of Two Terrorists


Somalilandsun:Somaliland Police Commissioner Confirms Arrest of Two Terrorists

Somaliland chief of police Major General Mohamed Saqadhi Dabagale has confirmed the apprehension of two terror suspects. The police boss sent congratulatory messages to the people of Somaliland on the auspicious occasion of celebration of 18th May independence day. He also wished the police a happy independence day.

Major General Dabagale urged members of the public to be vigilant and self aware around their environment, and report any suspicious activities or actions to security apparatus. The police boss promised confidentiality of information passed to police. He revealed the informants will remain anonymous.

The police chief confirmed the arrest of two terror suspect who had just arrived in the country. He said the quick action by members of the public led the police to their hideout. He reiterated that the informants news was correct and the police found explosives and other terror gadgets on the terrorists.

He urged member of the public to report or call police hotline 999 Somtel number of any information pertaining risk to the general public security.

He thanked those who assisted the police to apprehend the terror suspects.

Police Commissioner Dabagale stated that members of the public and the police need to cooperate to bring peace and security.

He said “I thank Almighty Allah for blessing us with the peace we enjoy. I’m also grateful and appreciate the endeavours of the people who volunteered with the information that helped to arrest the terrorists.”

The police chief wished Somaliland citizens around the nation and the world a happy independence day.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir