Clan Militias Battle Puntland Presidential Guards in Garowe


Somalilandsun:Clan Militias Battle Puntland Presidential Guards in Garowe

According to information emanating from Puntland administered region of Somalia a clan militia from the Issa Mohamud sub clan of Majeerteen are battling the presidential guards. A reliable source informed Somaliland sun that militants from the local clan had converged on the outskirts of Garowe Town, near a village called Labalawataanaad.

The clan members had recently opposed the political direction of Puntland’s president Mr.Saeed Deni. A reporter for an online portal has confirmed a tense atmosphere around Garowe and its environs as the two sides were busy replenishing their armaments with different types of weapons.

Eye witnesses and some politicians based in Garowe confirmed that the Puntland Presidential Guards were transporting electoral materials to a hamlet known as Daangoreyo when they were accosted by the local militia who are opposed to president Saeed Deni election agenda. There was a heavy exchange of gun fire as the president’s guards fought the militants.

Reports from Garowe confirm that the Issa Mohamud sub clan of Majeerteen earlier this week retreated hurriedly from Las Anod town where they were based, the clan was fighting the Somaliland army.

A brigade of the Issa Mohamud militants led by commander Jim’ale had just returned from Las Anod town.

Some bloggers on Facebook have confirmed that the local militia had stopped electoral materials transfer from the local airport and closed the roads leading to Garowe’s airport.

Puntland government was planning to hold presidential elections on 25th May 2023 however some clans are opposed to it . They claim the incumbent president Saeed Deni has plans to rig the polls in his favour.

During a recent campaign in Galka’ayo town president Saeed Deni promised voters that he will invade Sool region of Somaliland on 25th May 2023.

Since coming to power president Saeed Deni has propagated war with Somaliland. He has sent militants to Las Anod to fight the Somaliland army.

As we went to press the situation in Garowe was tense with both sides anticipating war.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir