Somaliland:Somaliland Government Revokes Licenses of Somalia /Puntland Television Stations Propagating Propaganda


Somalilandsun:The government of Somaliland has canceled the operation licenses of
broadcasting houses from Somalia. This is according to information
circulated by Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) the government official mouth

The news rooms on the firing line are SBS and Som News Televisions. The
minister of information culture and national guidance in a press release
confirmed that it had revoked the broadcasting permits of SBS and Som News
after they violated Somaliland journalistic ethics and regulations.

The news of the ban was reported by Somaliland News Agency herein is the

“It is clear that the two television stations SBS and SOM News have decided
to engage in political campaigns and propaganda propagation against the
republic of Somaliland.” Minister of Information and Culture and National
Guidance Mr. Abdirahman Abdillahi Farah (Guri-Barwaqo) revealed.

*SBS Television *

The SBS Television has started a smear campaign against the peaceful
coexistence of Somaliland citizens by broadcasting programs intended to sow
discord and anarchy. They usually air open lies to incite hatred and
animosity. For example the SBS television has made a habit of airing video
songs in support of Puntland administration war with Somaliland. Hence it
has become the official mouth piece for Puntland and Somalia propaganda.

*SOM News Television *

On the other side of the coin SOM NEWS Television has made a habit of
constantly calling for civil disobedience amongst Somaliland clans so as to
incite anarchy. For instance the TV station has aired programs with tribal
agenda to incite the different clans living harmoniously in Somaliland so
that they could clash, this started from May 21st 2018.

In this respect the aforementioned television stations have lost the
neutrality and independence and have broken every law in the books in
journalistic ethics and code of conduct. They have violated article 27/2014
part 10 for dissemination of factual news.

Thus the ministry of information, culture and national guidance has
cancelled the operating licenses of SBS and SOM NEWS Televisions hence
cannot work inside Somaliland.

The ministry of information sent letters to the police commissioner,
regional administrators and mayor of all Somaliland towns to see through
the aforesaid televisions do not get foothold in Somaliland.

By: Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA)