Somaliland:Somalia Forces Suffer Heavy Losses in Tukaraq War


Somalilandsun:According to news reaching us from Somaliland army forces in Oog town
confirm the loss of lives of many Puntland militias fighting for the
Federal Somalia government. The Puntland militia had early today ambushed Somaliland forces stationed in Tukaraq hamlet however following spirited fight back by Somaliland army 32 militias were captured alive while 6 prisoners of war have gunshot wounds.

The Puntland militia is sponsored by the federal government of Somalia and
have several times tried to raid Somaliland territorial borders however in
all the instances they have suffered heavy defeat.

As we went to press the fighting had subsided and many Somalia government
militias were taken prisoners by the brave Somaliland army.


  1. Somalia is a state sponsor of terrorism and a grave threat to the peace and stability of the Horn of Africa region.

    The Republic of Somaliland serves as a buffer zone shielding wDjibouti and large parts of Ethiopia from terror infested Somalia’s chaos.

    Now that Somalia is hellbent on destabilising the Republic of Somaliland is is vital that Ethiopia and Djibouti support Somaliland or else it is likely that the chaos shall soon engulf both Djibouti and Ethiopia as well.