Somaliland:Somaliland Military Chief Speaks about the Tukaraq Ambush by Puntland Militia


Somalilandsun:The head of Somaliland armed forces General Nuuh Ismael Taani has confirmed that the Somalia Federal Government sponsored Puntland militia had ambushed
Somaliland army stationed at Tukaraq village. Speaking to Somali vernacular BBC radio service general Taani stated that the Somalia administered Puntland region forces raided Tukaraq hamlet in the wee hours and attacked
Somaliland military personnel guarding the frontline.

He revealed that the ragtag militia entered Somaliland sovereign border
through three directions however they incurred heavy defeat from brave
Somaliland forces that drove them back into their own territory.

The army chief sent a strong warning to the Federal Somalia government that
Somaliland hands will not fold if they dare attack it again and will suffer
the same fate.

Of late the Puntland militia sponsored by president of Somalia Mr.Farmajo
has attacked Somaliland government positions however all the occasions they
have suffered defeats.