Somaliland:President Speaks Puntland Militia Attack on Somaliland Border Town of Tukaraq


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has spoken about the
attacked on Somaliland armed forces based at Tukaraq hamlet. The head of
state was speaking from Sayla’a Town where he had gone to visit the cyclone
victims. President Musa stated that on one side Somaliland is defending her
territory on the other it is waging a war to protect her sovereign borders
from constant incursions by Somalia government sponsored Puntland militia.

“The Somalia government forces attacked Somaliland army position, the war
is ongoing were have multiple casualties on both sides. It utter foolish to
attack Somaliland during the holy month of Ramadan, further the country is
attending to the cyclone disaster that has claimed lives a property. The
Puntland militia took advantage of the disaster to attack our position on
the frontline.” President Bihi stated.

The head of state sent a strong warning to Puntland administered region of
Somalia that Somaliland sole goal is development of her people and country
and had no time for war however if attacked it will not leave any stone
“Somali-land strives for peace love and unity among-st her people and
neighboring countries and will not be coaxed into meaningless war by war
mongers of Somalia.” The head of state exclaimed


  1. Viva to the Somaliland government for heroically defending its territorial integrity and sovereignty against the federal government of Somalia along with its satellite province of Somalia.The Somaliland military inflicted severe and heavy losses on the enemy.Attacking innocent and Peaceful Somalilanders during this holy month of Ramadan , is in itself an act of terrorists. Is there any difference between the so called federal government and the Alshabab?