Somaliland:SLDA Congratulates Somaliland Diaspora for the 58th Somaliland’s Anniversary and Remarks the Event as Highly Momentous for Somaliland History.


Somalilandsun:The Somaliland Diaspora Agency (SLDA) congratulates all the esteemed Somaliland Diaspora communities living abroad for the celebration of the 58th Somaliland Anniversary, 26th June, 2018 and urges them to uphold commemorating the Independence Day each year along with 18 May, the Independence Reassertion Day.The Republic of Somaliland is the British Protectorate that won its independence from United Kingdom on 26th June 1960, five days before entering the failed unity with Somalia on 1st July. We annually commemorate 18 May and heighten its festivity because it is the history we reasserted independence from Somalia after grievous decades of suffering and tyranny that botched unity existed. We accentuate the May Day as for the many lives sacrificed and the massive loss to bring back this independence which then brought us the peace, brotherhood, justice, the freedom of speech and the equality enjoyed in Somaliland today.

However, June 26 is another momentous history for the people of Somaliland. It is the day we received independence after 76 years under British Rule (1884-1960). As every other country celebrates such event, it is not only essential for Somalilanders as history but also as evidence and support for the Legal Case for obtaining international recognition. It is exclusive history belonging to Somaliland and does not belong to Somalia at all.

We need our young generations particularly those Diaspora-born children to learn and know the difference and the importance of both anniversaries and the related histories; June 26, 1960, and May 18, 1991: as the day of Somaliland’s Independence receiving from Britain and the later for declaring independence reclamation respectively and thus espousing celebrations of both events every year. By celebrating June 26, we are taking the opportunity to inform those who may not be aware that Somaliland was a separate country from Somalia and with its historic independence in 1960.

Finally, may we again congratulate you on the Somaliland 58th Anniversary Celebration in June 2018 and wish you all the best, well-being and prosperity, your more collective action, your strengthened unity and stronger cooperation, as well as your increased contribution to the nation building and backing Somaliland recognition movement.

Hassan Ahmed Yusuf
Executive Director and Acting Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency
Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland
26th June, 2018