Somaliland:The President of Somaliland Calls on Unity against Somalia’s Rogue Regime


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has called on the nation to
unite against the open interferences of the country internal affairs by the
regime in Somalia. He added that the government of Somalia loses sleepless night to make sure that Somaliland does not progress in all spheres of development. The head of state stated that the country can only withstand Somalia’s attacks through unity.

“The war Somalia has engineered for the past 27 years is more than the 30
years of dictatorship where by many Somaliland people were butchered and
property worth millions of dollars were looted from the innocent people of
Somaliland by Mogadishu regime.” The president spoke to the media after
inspecting the ministry of Finance premises.

Speaking about the recent deliberation by the Somalia provinces to stop the
international assistance Somaliland receives the president said “The small
contributions by the international community that was trickling down to
Somaliland the regime in Mogadishu has decided to influence donors for them
to take our share. That’s a small proportion which Somaliland people can
live without they only need to unite and persevere Allah will help them.”