Somaliland:President Congratulates Nation for Marking the 58th Anniversary of Somaliland Independence


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has congratulated the people of the country for marking the auspice occasion of independence from
Britain of 26 day of June 1960.

Speaking from his office the head of state said that Somaliland will
commiserate the 58th anniversary of independence from Great Britain.

“I sent my heartfelt greeting and congratulatory message to all Somaliland
nationals wherever they may be for tomorrow God willing will be the 58th
anniversary of Somaliland’s self governance from the British colonial
government. The country before this day had for about eighty years been
fighting to gain control of her affairs from the colonial government.”

President Bihi stated that Somaliland gained self determination before
Djibouti and Somalia, and had internationally demarcated borders like many
African countries at the time.

“Somaliland was the first country from Somali speaking countries to gain
independence. W e also have some regions of Somali speaking people in
Ethiopia and Kenya however Somaliland gained independence ahead of Somalia
and Ethiopia. This was before the AU 1964 declaration on African
countries boundaries.” President Musa said.

The president sent a peace message to Somalia he has these to say “To all
those people who speak the Somali language I declare that Somaliland is a
country at peace with herself and want peace with all her neighbors.
Somaliland has suffered as a result of ill fate union with Somalia and for
the pas t 27 years has enjoyed peace and prosperity. It is not ready to
start another conflict to return backward to many years of poor economical
development and ignorance.”