Somaliland:Self Style King Osman Burmadow Arrested in Hargeisa


Somalilandsun: The self styled traditional king Osman Aw Mohammud Burmadow has been
incarcerated in Hargeisa for treason. According to sources close to the
police the traditional leader was put behind bars following his recent
anti-Somaliland sentiments he uttered in Armo, a small hamlet in Somalia
administered region of Puntland, during a traditional Somali coronation

The king was smoked out of his hideout in Hargeisa, Mansour Hotel; then
frog marched to Koodhbuur police station where he is being held.

According to information reaching Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) the king
interfered with Somaliland foreign policy, he asked the government to
withdraw her military personnel from the disputed region of Sool and

Somaliland Police spokesperson Mr.Faisal Hiis said that the king uttered
words that were dangerous to Somaliland sovereignty, he also confirmed that
the prosecution has enough evidence to arraign the king in court. The audio
visual materials from television broadcasts are enough.

“He has contravened law of Somaliland number 212 part 328 of the penal code
of Somaliland.”

Mr. Faisal revealed.

Meanwhile the people of El-Afwein town, the king’s strong hold, have held
demonstrations in the town streets to protest the arrest of one of their
own. They called on the government to immediately and unconditionally
release king Osman.

They said that he was instrumental in wooing votes for the ruling governing
party Kulmiye hence needs preferential treatment.



  1. Crimes BuurMadow commited:

    1. He went to another country(Somalia) and held a speech infront of the leader of Puntland region of Somalia and in his speech he claimed he was “sent to the gathering by Somaliland’s president and he is speaking on his behalf(a blatant lie).

    2. A warcriminal who killed 100 000 inncent Somalilanders were in attendence in the meeting and was cheering the Somaliland traditional leader when he was speaking(something that has tremendously angered the Somaliland public and which could get the traditional leader attacked and harmed(his lock up was WELL DONE by the judiciary according to the public).

    3. Buurmadow called for Somaliland troops and Puntland(Somalia) troops to withdraw from Tukaraq area (a blatant attack on Somaliland as it is Somalia who is still occupying parts of Somaliland(Godqaboobe area), hence Buurmadow has went to the enemy invader and called on his nations troops to withdraw from their country(high treason).

    4. Mr. Buurmadows lock up was long overdue, he has in recent times caused much problems between brotherly Somaliland clans with his inflammatory speeches and inciting language(the public at large is very happy he will be quiet for a while in jail now where he can reflect on his crimes.


    We do not want to hear about Habar awal, Garxajis, Habar Jeclo, we want to hear the name Somalilanders and Somaliland, Mr.Buurmadow stand against that vision, he is the past and president Muuse is taking us into the future as Somalilanders. Thereforewe support the arrest and prosecution of Buurmadow.