Somaliland:Unscrupulous Businessmen Importing Poor Quality Petroleum Products


Somalilandsun: The minister of commerce and industry Mr.Mohammed Ahmed Sajin, has
confirmed the circulation of poor quality petrol and diesel oil imported
into the country by some rogue businessmen. Speaking to journalist from
Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) the minister stated that he will take a
drastic action against these crooked businessmen.

“We are aware of all petroleum product import companies in the country; we
are going to take actions against those trying to ruin citizens’ vehicles
by importing poor quality petrol and diesel. The ministry has records of
all petrol products proprietors and has knowledge of those with bad motives
selling contraband petroleum products.”

The minister urge petroleum distributors to import quality product or their
licenses will be revoked. Lately some petrol stations have been selling
poor quality oil to unsuspecting members of the public. This has caused
many vehicles to suffer engine failure due to the poor petrol.