Somaliland:Puntland Puts Lives of Kidnapped Youths in Peril


Somalilandsun – The fate of two Somaliland youths kidnapped by Puntland militias now hinge on the intervention of local traditional leaders

The two youths namely Abdiqadir Ahmed Guleid and Hamse Mohamed Ahmed ‘Tima’ade’ were kidnapped by clan militias in the Puntland capital of Garowe while on personal visit.

Though authorities in Puntland an administrative region of Somalia are yet to comment on the now almost week long kidnap saga, relatives of the victims are said to be in earnest pursuit of release through traditional methods of conflict resolution

According Ali Ahmed Maygaag an uncle of one of the victims, Puntland traditional leaders have taken over negotiations with the kidnappers, “They, traditional leaders gave us a timeline of 48 hours in which they hope to resolve the issue amicably” Maygag told Dawan media group

In the meantime chairman of opposition UCID party Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe has laid blame of the kidnap and subsequent resolution failure squarely at the gate of Puntland regional authorities who are based in Garowe, scene of the heinous act.

“Responsibility for effecting release of the two Somaliland youths rests with authorities, traditional leaders and citizens of Puntland” Said Eng. Warabe while urging Somalilanders not to reciprocate the act thence ensure that all persons originating from Puntland and in Somaliland on one purpose or another stash in peace and without fear.

Earlier on The chairman of Somaliland Human Right Center (HRC) Mr. Guled Ahmed Jama

Had confirmed the kidnapping of two Somaliland teenagers in Garowe town.

“The two youths were abducted in a revenge mission” said the HRC boss adding in elaboration that the two teenagers were kidnapped to avenge a man from Puntland incarcerated at Burao Maximum Prison.

The kidnappers are asking for the unconditional release of the suspect in a Somaliland

Correctional facility after committing a heinous crime.

The Human right activist cautioned that this is a bad precedent and should not be tolerated he urged the Puntland authorities to come clean and intervene since the security of any person in their country is their responsibility.