Somaliland:Police Nab Drugs and Illicit Brew Peddlers


Somalilandsun:Somaliland police have impounded a large cache of drugs and alcohol money proceeds following an operation to smoke out criminals in the country. The
deputy commissioner of police Mr. Abdirahman Liban Fohle and the police
spokesman Mr.Faisal Hiis also confirmed that some carjackers were also
caught in the police dragnet. Police confiscated large amount illicit
money which was in Somaliland Shillings, Ethiopian Biir and US dollars

The deputy commissioner of police revealed that they had apprehended 10
carjackers who were incarcerated at Hargeisa’s Koodhbuur Police Station.
He went on to confirm that the suspect will be arraigned in court after the
investigations are complete.

“In our operation to rid the city of thugs we arrested many youths who rob
city residents of their mobile phones and valuables. My men also arrested
drug peddlers and alcohol sellers and confiscated their illegal cargoes. As
you can see here are the 81 liters of spirits and bhang which are used to
destroy our youths. This consignment is used to turn law abiding citizens
into dare devils. It is also the source of immorality within the populace.”
Brigadier Fohle stated.

Police spokesperson Colonel Faisal Hiis said “You can see this money is
the proceeds of the deadly cargo. We have 8,300,000 Somaliland Shillings,
1100 Ethiopian Biir and 362 US dollars which we found in the possession of
the peddlers. They shall appear before a court of law to answer the charge
of selling a prohibited substance.”