Somaliland:Government Announce the Commencement of Large Scale Farming in Odweine District


Somalilandsun:The cabinet has announced the beginning of a new era in Somaliland where
by large scale farming is being introduced in the country. This is
according to a press statement released to journalists by the presidential
spokesperson Mr.Mohammud Warsame Jama. The statement read…

During the 18 sitting of the executive branch of government headed by the
president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi and his deputy H.E Abdirahman
Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’I) they discussed the expanding of the agricultural
output of the country. The president asked the cabinet to make sure his
promise to the nation to increase the farming of crops should be
implemented earnestly without delay.

Since when president Bihi took the mantle of power from the former
government his endeavor has become how to make Somaliland a country that
can sustain itself through hard work in increasing production of
agricultural products that could make the nation food secure.

The government plan is to make Somaliland realize her ambition to stop over
reliance of imported food stuff. Hence the start of the project of large
scale plantation in Wajale. Also in the pipeline is the Hahi plantation in
Odweine district which is about 900 hectares.

In another development the state is assisting small scale farmers in all
region of Somaliland to cultivate the farms. It has already completed the
cultivations of 9000 farms owned by households.

Last but not least the minister urged citizens to un9te in developing their
country of Somaliland by coming up with worthwhile projects.



  1. Hadaanu nahay qurbajooga Jamhuuriyada Somaliland waxaanu si adag uu cambaaraynaynaa hadaladi Xildhibaan Gacan ee niyada ka jabinayay reer Somaliland islamarkaasna dhiirigelinayay cadowga Somaliland ee Majerteenia, iyado Mr. Gacan yidhi Somaliland ciidan boqol gaadhaya ayaa laga dilay. Taasi waxa ay keentay in qolyaha Puntland awood is moodaan iyago hadaba maanta weerar soo qaaday.

    Waa nasiibdarro in xildhibaan niyad jabiyo reer Somaliland islamarkaasna tageero oo dhiirigeliyo cadowga Somaliland, waa nasiibdarro inu sirta qaranka mediaha la wadaago. Aad baanu uga xunahay.

    Sidan ha la isu dhaamo.