Somaliland:Ten of Thousands of Gabiley Inhabitants Throng the Town’s Streets to Welcome the Presidents


Somalilandsun:The Head of State H.E Musa Bihi Abdi and his entourage toured Gabiley
province. This is the first time since his inauguration that the president
has visited his support base. Thousands of people had persevered the hot
weather to welcome the president. The town inhabitants waited for their
commander in chief at the outskirts of the town.

Upon his arrival in Gabiley town the president disembarked from his car to
greet his supporters who had thronged the town streets. Women sang praise
songs in his honor and ululated in support of his 8 month old

The president spokesman Mr.Mohammud Warsame Jama informed the press the
agenda of the president visit.

“The intention of this presidential visit is a fact finding mission of the
situation of the western region of the country. The president wants to see
the development projects his government is initiating in the region are

The presidential spokesperson revealed that the head of state will meet
with the regions leaders to find out what the province lacks so that his
administration could implement.

“The president will meet government leaders, the civil society and cross
section of the society to gauge the best way to initiate development
projects. Mr.Mohammud stated.

The president last night lodged in Gabiley, following his successful trip
to Borama town in Awdal region whereby the president presided the 17
graduation ceremony of Amud University.