Somaliland:Police Arrest Vlogger Busharo Bandey in Border Town of Wajale


Police Arrest Vlogger Busharo Bandey in Border Town of Wajale

Police in Wajale Town have arrested a famous Facebook vlogger Miss.Busharo Bandey. Miss Busharo has been very critical to the government of Somaliland. She has also been a supporter of a greater Somalia. According to Somaliland constitution any Somaliland citizen who rebels against an independent Somaliland will be liable of treason.

According to reports from Wajale Town Somaliland police were on the look out for the online journalist. She was arrested while trying to disguise her identity. The female journalist had been a thorn in the flesh of Somaliland government and had been airing controversial topics while based in Mogadishu, Somalia. She had been an avid supporter of former Somalia president Mr.Farmajo party Nabad iyo Nolol.

She is a Somaliland citizen by birth and hold a British passport. Her rendezvous into Somaliland unnoticed was discovered by the hawk eye Somaliland immigration and police at the border town of Wajale.

A reliable source informed Somaliland sun that she was immediately whisked to Hargeisa where she will face charges on sedition.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir