Somaliland:Military Chief Confirms Somaliland Army Fight with Militias on the Outskirts of Las Anod Town


Somalilandsun:Military Chief Confirms Somaliland Army Fight with Militias on the Outskirts of Las Anod Town

Somaliland national army early today was attacked from three fronts by a ragtag militia from Puntland. According to reports reaching our news desk the militants approached the army from the eastern, western and from a small village known as Samakaab.

Speaking to the media at his office in Hargeisa the Army chief General Nuuh Ismael Taani revealed that Somaliland army personnel defeated the militants.

He said “Some bad elements who don’t want peace to reign in Sool region have propagated violence amongst the population. Earlier today some militants moved to a village 25 kilometres from East of Las Anod town. The militiamen were in a convey of 30 machine gun mounted pick up trucks. They wanted to close the supply route of Somaliland Army. However our men got wind of their intention and mounted a fierce gun battle. Our soldiers over powered the militants and captured some our their men and military hardware.”

General Nuuh went on to reveal that the militants did not stop there their mounted another two attacks from East and West of Las Anod and were defeated by vigilant Somaliland Army.

The army boss revealed there were casualties on both sides. He confirmed that the Puntland Militias had already revealed their plan to sabotage Somaliland national independence day which will be celebrated on 18th May 2023.

He stated “The Puntland led militants had said earlier they will attack Somaliland army from 16th and 17th of May 2023 so that the country independence celebrations is jeopardised.”

The General told the public the army will defend the country from incursions and at the same time celebrate the Liberation Day.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir