Somaliland:Minister of Environment Unveils Charcoal Factory


Somalilandsun: Minister of Environment Unveils Charcoal Factory

Hargaysa ( Minister of environment Mr. Shukri Ismael Bandare has opened a new factory that would burn acacia trees to charcoal in Hargeisa.

The minister stated the this move will help the country fight climate change at the same time save indigenous trees from charcoal burners.

A acacia trees charcoal factory has been built by a Somaliland national from the diaspora.

The new factory will protect against the cutting of fodder crops and indigenous trees.

During the launch of the project the minister of environment was accompanied by top officials from international organizations UNDP, WFP and Premier Bank.

Addressing the gathering during the opening ceremony of the charcoal factory minister Shukri urged citizens to benefit from this new venture to supply the charcoal factory with acacia trees.

The proprietor of the charcoal factory Mr.Guled Ahmed Abdi revealed that when he saw the problem the acacia trees had on the environment he had to act and that’s why he created this factory.

She said “This factory will process fodder crops, food and charcoal, I commend the owner of his brilliant idea.

The acacia trees cover 90% of Somaliland, it also degrades soil fertility hence other trees or vegetation cannot grow where the acacia trees grow.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir

Shirkii 23aad ee Mashruuca Maamul Daadajinta JPLG oo ka Furmay Boorama