Somaliland:King Burmadow Confirms a New Political Agenda at the End of Month of Shuwwal


Somalilandsun:Self styled traditional King Osman Aw Mohammud Burmadow who was recently pardoned by the president following his incarceration at Hargeisa’s main
prison, has revealed that he will talk to the press at the end of the month
of ‘Shuwwal’. He stated that he will touch on many issues. He was speaking during a pre wedding party attended by many well known politicians such as the leader of the opposition National Party (Wadani) Mr.Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, former minister of public works and housing Mr.Ali Mohammed Hassan (Marehan) and Member of Parliament Hon.Wabeye. The politicians were all seated in the same row during their meeting, signaling a new political move
that they will soon pronounce.

“As you can see I have joined by brother Hirsi and Ali Marehan and sooner
rather than later you shall come to know my political bearing. I’m not the
kind of person to cow because of a conviction.” King Osman said amid large
applause from the participants of the gathering.

King Osman was sentenced to five years imprisonment a Marodijeeh regional
court following his attendance of a Somali traditional coronation ceremony
in Armo village situated in Puntland. While there here uttered anti
Somaliland sentiment this irked the government of Somaliland hence upon his
arrival he was arrested. He was later last month pardoned by the president
of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi.