Somaliland:Khatumo Militias Dislodged from Hudun Bases


Khatumo Milita on the RunBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HUDUN (Somalilandsun) – Skirmishes between the national army and Militias aligned to Khatumo have taken place south of Hudun town in Sool region.

According to the Somaliland Army Commander Gen Ismail Mohamed Osman ‘Shakale’ the 1.45 pm skirmishes saw the national rout the secessionist militias from their Hideouts in the south of Hudun town.

A statement from Gen Shakale informed that the army which managed to disperse the militias up to a distance of 40 Kms away from Hudun after an exchange of heavy and light weapons fire.

“The national army also captured 10 militias , 2 armed technical band wagons mounted with heavy weapons as well as one personnel carrier” Said Gen Shakale.

The militias who have continuously engaged the national in sporadic skirmishes are aligned to a number of secessionist politicians from Sool Region who proclaimed in early 2012 a state dubbed Khatumo meant to be hived off from areas under the territorial jurisdiction of Somaliland.

The Khatumoists led by Ali Khalif Galayd a Somali member of parliament are mostly funded and trained by the Puntland, administrative region of Somalia known to hold agendas related to the disruption of peaceful co-existences in Somaliland.

The ongoing Khatumoists sporadic attacks against the national army started during the local council elections of the 28th November 2012 after a lengthily lull occasioned by the Buhodle peace accord signed between the government in Hargeisa and SSC militias from the region.

Despite creating mischief and occasional loos of youthful lives as well as attendant costs the Khatumoists disturbances are inconsequential as pertains to the being of Somaliland thus the skirmishes are just an irritation that refuses to go away mostly not until Ali Khalif Galayd is appointed to a senior position in Hargeisa.