Somaliland:Hargeisa University Students Donate Goodies to Cyclone Sagar Victims


Somalilandsun:The university of Hargeisa main campus students have chipped in to take
part in aid of the cyclone Sagar victims in the coastal regions of
Somaliland. According to Somaliland sun reporter the varsity students took upon themselves to contribute donations for the cyclone victims. The vice chancellor of Hargeisa University Mr.Mohammud Yusuf Abdi has confirmed that the aid was intended for 800 families.

The varsity don went on to say that the goods consist of men, women and
children clothes, utensils, water containers and plastic tents to help them
withstand the elements of weather.

“When the university decided to withdraw some money from her account the
student refused and decided to contribute even the money for breaking the
fast of Ramadan “The varsity don revealed.

Speaking on distribution eve of the aid the Minister of Agriculture
Development Mr.Ahmed Mumin Seed stated “I’m deeply touched by the
kindheartedness of university of Hargeisa students who have shown their
humanitarian side. More importantly I would like to thank the girls who
packaged these goodies for their generosity.”

The president advisor on social affairs Mr.Abdiwahid Abdirahman said “these
goods are the most basic needs for human survival I’m very pleased to see
these students take the bull by the horn to work during the month of
Ramadan while fasting to help their brothers and sisters affected by the
cyclone Sagar disaster.”

The chairman of the National Disaster Preparedness Committee Mr.Faisal Ali
Sheikh promised to make sure the donations reached the affected people
without delay.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir