Somaliland:Government Confirms Somaliland Traditional Elders Visit to Puntland


Somalilandsun:Somaliland’s presidential palace has revealed that the government wants the Tukaraq war to end peacefully. It also confirmed the tabling of the
electoral bill in parliament for debating and voting. In another development the government revealed that a delegation of traditional
leaders that recently toured Garowe the capital of Puntland state did so in
their own volition and do not represent the aspiration of the republic of

This is according to a press release signed by the presidential
spokesperson Mr.Mohammud Warsame Jama that reached Somaliland News Agency
( and read as follows………………………….…

“During 26th June 2018 celebrations the executive and parliament confirmed
that Somaliland is ready for peace and was ready to put down the arms in
Tukaraq as suggested by the international community.In spite of Puntland
militia running amok 70km inside Somaliland territory.”

The traditional tribal elders who recently visited Garowe, Puntland for
peace talks went there on their own volition and do not have the blessing
of the government following the tour of Somaliland by Puntland tribal
leaders who had come to talk peace with their Somaliland counterparts.

A Somaliland armed force stand for peace and stability and values the
principle of good neighborhood with neighboring countries. They do not want
to spill blood and dwell in Tukaraq, a Somaliland territory in peace. The
military of Somaliland has not violated any nation’s border but guards her
territory and are not interested in invading another country.

The meeting Somalia is holding in Brussels does not concern Somaliland and
whatever being discussed is in the interest of that country. Somaliland is
an independent sovereign nation.

The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has forwarded to parliament a new
electoral bill prepared by the electoral commission.

The new law when signed seeks to give the minority Gaboye clan and women
more seats in parliament.