Somaliland:Government of Somalia Opens an Illicit Immigration Office in Hargeisa Issuing Passports


Somalilandsun:Somaliland Member of Parliament Hon.Saeed Warsame Gaani has revealed that the Somalia government has opened a fully fledged immigration office in
Hargeisa. The office is located at the city’s Kodhbuur district.

Speaking to journalists at a press conference he called Hon.Gaani confirmed
the illicit Somalia goiovernment office is operating in Hargeisa with the
full knowledge of the immigration department. According to the MP the
office is provided government security as some policemen were manning the
gate when he went their unannounced.

“The Somalia government is issuing passports here in Hargeisa under the
noses of Somaliland immigration officials. The Somalia immigration
department has opened a branch in Somaliland and appointed staff to issue
passport and other paper works.” Hon.Gaani revealed.

Hon.Gaani went on to say that the government of Somaliland had previously
arrested some middle men issuing the Somalia passport here in Hargeisa
however this time Somalia immigration department seem have acquired the
blessing of the government since policemen were manning the premises of the
illegal immigration office.

Somaliland immigration boss Mr.Dayib Calin refused to comment when Bulsho
TV reporter contacted him on telephone.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir