Somaliland:Human Traffickers Sentenced to Long Jail Terms


Somalilandsun:The regional court of Sahil province has sentenced some human traffickers
to long jail terms following their plot to traffic some youths from Burao
town. The presiding judge Mr.Ahmed Yusuf Abdi said during the sentencing
that two Yemen national captaining a small boat tied to traffic 7 young
boys who cannot reach sound judgment of their affairs.

Two brokers were also nabbed in the operation; they are Mr.Abdi Ali Kahin
and his accomplice in crime Mr.Ismael Jama was sentenced to one and half
years imprisonment.

This is according to Somaliland News Agency reporter in Berbera town who
confirmed that the two Yemeni citizens who names he gave as Mr.Mohammed
Salah Ali and Mr.Nassir Jabbir Salim were sentenced to four years jail

The court ordered the police to hand over the boat and the GPRS equipment
to the government. The court also sentenced six juveniles to one month
imprisonment each because of their young age. One of the youngsters was
released as there was no enough evidence to sentence him.