Somaliland: Zaad among Cellphone Initiatves Aiding Women Ascent from Poverty


A Bussines woman in Hargeisa Somaliland transacts using Zaad mobile money service

Somalilandsun – Here is what life is like for a woman with no bank account in a developing country. She keeps her savings hidden — in pots, under mattresses, in fields. She constantly worries about thieves. She may even worry about her husband taking cash she has budgeted for their children’s needs. Sending money to a family member in another village is risky and can take days. Obtaining a loan in an emergency is often impossible

An unexpected expense can mean she has to pull a child out of school or sell a cow the family relies on for income. Or, worse, it can mean she must give birth at home without medical assistance because she doesn’t have the money for a ride to a clinic. . Continue reading the main story