Somaliland: “Your Country is Independent of SFG”, Jubaland President tells Somalilanders


Somaliland is a sovereign country says President Ahmed Madoobe of Jubaland state in Souther somalia1

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – Somaliland is a sovereign country that stands at an equal footing with neighbouring Somalia and any insinuations to the contrary by the Somalia federal Government-SFG are false and erroneous.
“and As from today henceforth me, the people of Jubaland and its administration consider Somaliland as an independent country and shall deal with it as such”
This was stated by the Jubaland Head of State Ahmed Madoobe in Kismayo where he also declared that his Jubaland administration has officially withdrawn from any association with the SFG led country in Mogadishu.
Telling Somalilanders that they can never be ruled by force and that their 24 years of sovereignty is a foregone conclusion President Madoobe who was returning from official duties in Nairobi Kenya also urged regional administrative states in Somalia to follow his Jubaland move and withdraw from Somalia.
Speaking directly to Somaliland citizens’ president Madoobe said “Apart from the common borders shared with Somalia, your country has nothing in common with the country ruled from Mogadishu”
The conflict between SFG and Jubaland’s Madoobe has been in the cooking for some time but it reached the epic when the parliament in Mogadishu was unanimous in its vote of no confidence on the State Assembly late on Saturday.
A day after the vote a statement from The State of Jubaland in southern Somalia announced that it has severed ties with the federal government of Somalia following no confidence vote on the State Assembly which the authorites in Kismayo termed as an illegal action against the provisions of the conflict resolution between the Federal and State governments.
SFG legislators vote against Jubland state assemblyJubaland also accused the federal government of failing to adhere to the provisions of the provisional constitution, which sets dialogue as the formal conflict resolution mechanism during the Madoobe led delegation’s visit to Nairobi where they held talks with European envoys as well as Kenyan officials. According to Kenya and Jubaland also discussed several key issues touching on the two countries among them Kenya’s proposed construction of a wall along the border and grievances by residents of Baladhawo regarding alleged harassment by Kenyan forces.
Before the return of President Madoobe Anti-Federal Government Demonstrations had already Kicked Off In Kismayo protesting the vote by the Mogadishu parliament with large numbers of residents and Jubaland state officials converging at the Freedom Park in the city to voice their displeasure with the Federal Parliament.
This controversial decision has also drawn the wrath of Puntland another Somalia regional administrative state through a statement released by the presidency in Garowe calling Saturday’s no-confidence motion ‘unconstitutional’ which could plunge the country, Somalia, deeper into another crisis.
Decison by president Madoobe of Jubaland state receives support Kismayo residents“Puntland government clarifies that the motion runs counter to Somalia’s Federal Constitution, Somalia Federalism and Vision 2016,” read the press statement from Puntland presidency adding that Puntland Government fully supports Jubaland state’s decision over the parliamentary vote that declares regional assembly ‘illegitimate’
Apart from the massive boost towards Somaliland’s quest for recognition, The severance of ties between the Mogadishu-based Federal Government and Jubaland could deal a blow to a peace process in southern Somalia, which supported by African troops under the AMISOM flag is battling with the militant group Al- Shabaab for control of the war-torn country