Somaliland: You Can Achieve Your Wildest Dreams – They Are Not Just a Pie In The Sky


By Annabel Onyando

Somalilandsun -When young we all dreamt of the fabulous people we would be and the great things we would accomplish. As we grow up, especially in teenage, we think we know it all and will not listen to anyone … after all, they are not half as successful as the dreams we have for ourselves and our success.

Then, as young adults, we eventually realise (if we are not successful) that we are not likely to be any more successful than others around us as the realities of the difficulties of life check in. Getting older still, we see that there are those who were in very similar circumstances that made it and our perspective changes once again. Some go through middle age crises trying to do the things they didn’t do in their youth, others get depressed, other try to live their lives through their children, and others get back in focus and exert themselves. Reality check…..the commitment we have for our dreams determines the level of success or lack of success that we achieve. To achieve great things you have to go through great issues. This is simply because life is hard and you got to do it hard; your determination patience and focus is what takes you through the difficult times.

dream itIn retrospect, you always realise that the challenges you have faced prepared you for bigger and better things. For you to consider a thing to be great is dependent on your position in relation to it. Life has a way of building you up through challenges, difficulties and surprises, basically beating you blue and black. Occasionally a miracle comes along to soothe your aches. As you face your challenges you become a better person worthy of the dream that you are seeking. Then, when you are ready your dreams come true.

However the process of you achieving your dreams start the first day you actually make up your mind that you are going to achieve your dream. The work that goes on into building your character, your faith, the long hours and difficulties all go into breaking you and then building you into that person you need to be to achieve your dreams. At the end of it all when you achieve your goal it was all worth it.

Have you realised that sometimes when you achieve the goal or buy something you really wanted you then realise it is not as lovely as you thought it would be? The process of growth we go through sometimes just shows us that we are bigger than the goals we set and we then need to set new goals. It is not that the goal was not good enough …. it is just that you moved while the goal remained the same.

Annabel Onyando It is, therefore, important that we constantly review our goals and continue making worthwhile goals. However, note that habitually just shifting goals because they no longer look attractive is reckless and can result in a level of complacency. Set your mind to achieve your goals. It sure makes life worth living!
The author Annabel Onyando is Business Coach and Advisor with Goldman Sachs, she is also Founder Synergy For Africa Business Blog
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