Somaliland: Youth Stakes Claim to a Parliamentary Seat Representing Sanaag Region


Khadar Ali Hasan declares intent for a parliamentray seat in sanaag region of somaliland

By: Kadar Abdi Muse
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Parliamentary elections slated for Somaliland in March 2017 are electing interest from upcoming politicians
At a function held at Hadhwanaag hotel in Hargeisa, Kadar Ali Hasan declared intent to vie for a seat in the Somaliland House of Representatives during forthcoming elections in which he promised assembled supporters and well-wishers active lobby for Sanaag region based interests.
Urging residents of Sanaag region and more so its traditional elders to support his candidature Mr. Kadar Ali who holds a masters degree in Law said his age now nearing 30’s should not be a factor but rather his known leadership skills in which speaker after acknowledged to.
“I shall strive to uplift standards of life in my region of birth and country at large by utilizing my education and leadership skills if elected to the national assembly” the candidate told participants who included the deputy minister of defence, elders, relatives and friends.
Somaliland Deputy Defence minister Mahmud Warsame JamaThe upcoming youthful politician’s decision to join the elective contest is said to have been buoyed by the appointment of another youthful Sanaag region politician Mahmud Warsame Jama and former Councilor in the Erigavo local government to the office of Somaliland deputy minister of Defence Mahmud Warsame Jama.

Khadar Ali hasan is yet to indicate which of the three Somaliland parties namely Kulmiye, Wadani or UCID will sponsir his canddature

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