Somaliland: Women Impact Positively on Local Development


As we take you to Court with the 1st Local women Lawyers

Somalilandsun – Women have made huge strides in improving health in ‪#‎Somaliland – the next generation can do the same. See video below

The court is just one of the many places positive change can be made, As can be exemplified by Lawyer Ismahan Hassan Ahmed who is among the few women practicing the formerly male dominated profession whose motivation to join the profession emanated from a need to lessen the hardships involved in filling a big and real gap, for women lawyers.

lawyer IsmahanShe is amongst beneficiaries of an UNDP project and the first female lawyers in Somaliland and says that establishing themselves as lawyers was difficult for Somaliland women at the beginning because traditionally women are not accepted in such professions; but that the good wok that the women have done has changed this perception and that they won the admiration and respect of their communities. Although their clients are mostly women, a few men have started to require their services.

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