Somaliland: The Hargeisa Cup of Art


Transcribed from Returning to Somaliland with an entrepreneurial spirit by Mwajuma Pendo

Cup of art

Somaliland sun – Sara Haji relocated back to Hargeisa, Somaliland, from Cardiff, UK, in 2014 to start up a business together with her brother.

They chose cup of art, for people to enjoy a good cup of coffee the Italian way, and hold interactive events for both the local community and Diaspora such as poetry night, fashion house gallery, art gallery, and music nights.

They didn’t realize there could be any problem considering the fact that what they were bringing was new and different from the culture of the Somaliland people. Instead they expected the community and families to accept them with welcoming hearts and understand there is a cultural gap and make it look normal.

Clients relaxing at the Cup of Art in Hargeisa Somaliland

They are planning on launching a Food and breakfast-f&b facility soon just to create more jobs for young people and stop them from migrating out of the country through dangerous routes for false hopes of going abroad in such of greener pastures when there is much one can do here at home.

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Sara Haji and Cup of Art staff making Italian coffee for clients in Hargeisa Somaliland


Returning to Somaliland with an entrepreneurial spirit