Somaliland: “We won’t attend London meeting on Somalia- President Silanyo


President Silanyo (L) flanked by VP Sayli announces non particiation at London Somali talks in MayBy: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud stated categorically that the upcoming international meeting on Somalia to be held in May in the UK was not an SL issue, hence that the country will not be represented in it.

The Head of State thus forthwith put a stop to malicious insinuations and debate in public media to the effect that SL would attend the meeting to her detriment.

“The meeting is focused on Somalia and SL has nothing to do with it”, he said as he convictionally gave the statement upon lending back home on Friday from a landmark unprecedented official visit to Turkey.

True in his words, “It was unprecedented and land mark visit made for the first time” by a (seating) President.

At Egal Airport: Human beauties with  Flowers for president silanyo on return from TurkeyThe President who met with the Turkish Deputy Premier, Foreign and also the Turkish Minerals and energy Minister said that he discussed a lot of bilateral issues with the hosts.

He was quite hopeful that the fruits of the talks would be borne and realized quite soon and that on the same note, he expected a top Turkish delegation to visit the country (sooner rather than later).

He regretted that his large delegation was unable to meet with the Turkish Premier Tayip Erdogan who was struck by flu on the eve of the President’s visit.

“I met the Turkish Deputy Premier and both foreign and minerals and energy ministers”, he said, and added; “Our discussions were at length on education and technology, the health and water sectors and also general infrastructural developments”.

On being prodded by journalists about Turkish media reports to the effect that SL was Alshabab sympathizers, the President termed the claims as mere allegations.

“Those are baseless allegations since the Turkish government themselves never asked us about them”.

He reiterated that Somalilanders have their aspirations and fought for it.

The President said that SL would open a liaison office in Turkey.

In the recent past, middle level Turkish delegation visited the country followed by dozens of Turkish surgeons who operated on hundreds of patients.

The President also refuted allegation of Qatarese meddling in SL politics.

“We have had no Qatarese delegations nor are we privy to their engagement on future SL/Somalia talks”.Your execelency your word is our command for defence of Somaliland

On the Selal region post-election political fall-out and tension that saw armed skirmishes in Harirad, the President said, “The VP was here in charge hence the state is there to maintain peace and stability” in the country at all times.

He said that as per democratic electoral processes, there was not going to be repeated elections hence conciliatory peaceful stability has to be precedent.

The President’s delegations consisted of the First Lady Amina Haji Mohammed Jirde, the Minister of the Presidency Hon. Hersi Ali Haji Hassan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Education, Minerals and Water and MRR&R the honourables Dr. Mohammed Abdillahi Omar, Zamzam Abdi Adan, Hussein Abdi Duale and Suleiman Isse Haglatoosie respectively

He was received by the VP, members of the cabinet, senior government officials and forces commanders whereupon he inspected a guard of honour mounted for him.