Somaliland: Aide to PM Shirdon of Somalia Arrested


By: Yusuf M Hasan

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – Berbera police are detaining a person arrested at the port city’s international airport on Friday.

The man only known as a Mr. Abdishakur was arrested at the airports rest lounge after he disembarked from his flight which was in-transit to the Somalia capital Mogadishu after immigration officials identified as the spokesperson of Mr. Saeed Shirdon who is the prime minister of the Mogadishu government.

According to eye witnesses the arrested Somalia official is currently detained in one of the port city’s police stations where he was whisked immediately upon capture at the airport.

In the recent past the Somaliland government has been acting tough not only against officials of the Mogadishu government but Somalilanders working or cooperating with the Somalia authorities found anywhere within Somaliland’s boundaries.

Though numerous officials of the Mogadishu government are known to transit through the international airport in Berbera the targeting of the Aide is most likely as a result of PM Shirdoon’s continued attacks against the sovereignty of Somaliland especially insinuations as to how quick his administration is set to take over various state institutions most notably the Berbera port.