Somaliland: SOMTEL Unveils New Company Logo


“Apart from regular news of donation to one sporNew Somtel logots activity or another Somtel shall remain in the peoples heart for having facilitated live transmissions of the 2011 annual regional sports tournament held in Burao” Sultan Aden Farah

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somtel one of the country’s leading telecommunications company has adapted a new company logo which it unveiled at a colourful ceremony held in the capital Hargeisa.

The unveiling of the company’s new motto of “share your world” is imposed on black background with two yellow dots was witnessed by a multitude of invited guests among them the ministers of planning Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire , Commerce Hon Abdirizaq Khalif , Sports Ali Saeed Raygal and communications Ali Elmi Gelle respectively. Other notables included Senior Dahabshil company officials, traditional/religious and political leaders

AccordiSOMTEL Roaming serviceng to the Somtel public relations officer Mr. Kadar Abdirahman Abdilahi the new logo and logo shall be the communication company’s identity both locally and international.

Briefing guests at the logo and motto unveiling ceremony the SOMTEL CEO Mr. Awil Salah Abdi pledge to strengthened services to clients as well as add new and innovative technologies to current services offered by the communications company.

The new look for Somtel is per the desire of Dahabshil Company which is the parent company to separate the communication portfolio from others in the wider Dahabshil Group.

This was revealed by the Dahabshil group’s public relations and communications officer Prof Hasan Mohamed Jama “Hasan Hiis” who informed that the unveiling ceremony simplifies the operational independence of Somtel from its parent company.

Said he, “Following the sustainability achieved by SOMTEL since inception, the unveiling of its new logo and motto signifies its operational separation from its parent, the Dahabshil Group of companies”

According to prominent traditional leader Sultan Dakir Hasan Aw Khalif the advent of Somtel in the country has facilitated Somtel is the 1 sports sponsor in Somaliland client’s access to various technologies of note being the use of your mobile set to browse the internet.

While thanking the contribution of SOMTEL towards various communities development projects, Sultan Aden Farah a Hargeisa based leader traditional leader said most of note is the continued support of youth development activities by the company as pertains to sporting activities.

Said he, “Apart from regular news of donation to one sports activity or another Somtel shall remain in the peoples heart for having facilitated live transmissions of the 2011 annual regional sports tournament held in Burao”

It is worth mentioning that SOMTEL is the main sponsor of this year’s annual regional sports tournament slated for Hargeisa where the company in partnership with Somaliland National TV shall transmit live events from day one to the finals.

Wishing the now independent Somtel company success the planning minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire hoped that it has fully adapted the renowned corporate responsibility of Dahabshil and shall continue providing the same now and in the future.

Adding his share of praises the minister of posts and telecommunications Hon Ali Elmi Gelle said that the performance of SOMTEL are a clear indication that it is a by-product of Dahabshil “a company whose trust and perfect service to clients is reckoned with worldwide”

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Somtel is one of the leading companies in telecommunication in Somaliland. The company provides telephone service, Internet and mobile service. That is efficient and provides fast and stable service.


Somtel unveils new look of operational independenceSomtel GSM network operations recently commissioned in major urban and rural areas of Somaliland; to meet these needs by applying the correct technologies at an reasonably price with clear purpose of developing state of art technologies. All over Somaliland and beyond.

Somtel is a Telecommunication Company currently operating in Somaliland. Somtel is registered in British Virgin Islands and having office branches in Sharjah, U.A.E., Djibouti and Somalia. The Head office is situated in Somaliland Hargeisa. Somtel was established in March 2010 and since its inception Customer base has enabled us gain significant market share in the industry

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