Somaliland: Ainabo Residents Exposed to Poisoned Water


Poisoned Waterhole at Qararo villageBy: Yusuf M Hasan

AINABO (Somalilandsun) – Consumption of poisoned water has resulted in the death of one person and over 500 heads of livestock.

The deaths which occurred in Qararo village 40 Kms south of Ainabo town came after the deceased who had visited a waterhole in the area thus water his livestock decided to quench his thirst not knowing that the life giving liquid was full of poison.

According to residents who spoke to the 30 years old man who had been kept trying to revive his goats and sheep that were falling where they stood died at home immediately relatives arrived after his summons to come and help with the mysterious death of his stock.

The government immediately took control of the ownership upon receiving news of the incident following the arrival at Qararo of Sarar regional authorities among them Governor Ahmed Ali Nuur, Ainabo mayor and regional police boss.

It is not yet clear what steps have been taken by the regional authorities to rectify the situation apart from the sealing of the waterhole.