Somaliland: Honour Your Obligations to State, Samale tells Taxpayers


Abdiaziz SamaleBy: M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “The taxpayers should duly do and honour their necessary obligations to the country”, said the Finance Minister Hon. Abdi-Aziz Samale in a country-wide appeal for people to pay their debts to the state.

The Finance chief who made the appeal passionately during a TV interview yesterday evening thanked the taxpayers, mainly top entrepreneurs, for having made it possible for many state services to be able to be dispensed.

The minister revealed the fact that the government coffer paid a whopping 3 million dollars bill to foot the election expenses, and underpinned the importance of the fact that it was imperative that taxes should be dully paid.

He said that this year’s budget has earmarked crucial allocations for the firefighting sector, conservation of archeological sites, and introduction of electronic passports and also ranking systems in the security personnel sectors.

Despite conceding that the economy was somehow strapped, he said that the state was targeting to gunner the 180m USD mark in the next budget.

This year it is 125m USD, a 20m USD increase since last year.