Somaliland: Waran Cade Declares Cleaning and Beautification Of Cities and Towns in Somaliland


By: Omar. A. Omar.
Hargeisa (Somaliland Sun). The minister of internal affairs Hon. Ali Mohamed Warancade put forward the cleaning of cities and towns in the country.

The minister acknowledges the mayors of various towns to assure and put ahead the cleanliness of their respective towns. This was after the minster had an official meeting in his office alleging the beautification and cleaning of cities and town.
“Under my ministry comes the local government of which I would like them to fully participate on the beautification and cleanliness of cities within the New Year 2015.” Said Warancade.
The minister further condemned that the beautification and how city glances will eventually make the residents to be much impressed and also urge the mayors and concerned persons from all the regions in Somaliland to collaborate in enhancing and focusing in the decoration and beautification program.
He also assured that the Hargeisa city residents should know on how the movements of transport systems should be when it comes to road maintenance and usage of city routes either by public transports or private cars.
Road carnages and jams are brought about by unknown route maps used and I affirm the city council and the road authorities to take action on which actual roads could be used within the city.
“The vehicles using the sides of the roads should use the road behind Hargeisa Hospital of which the two roads end up in Guuled Hotel. This will make easier for the bus stops coming and going to the outcast’s locations of Hargeisa City to reduce overcrowding. This is according to the law of transport authorities 56/2013 which should be followed by the concerned persons.
The minister also condemned that from the New Year 2015, these effect should come into action for the city nowadays is congested with many cars and vehicles which led majority to suffer when using these roads and highways.
He finally destined that the mayors from the regions, local government and the road authorities to take action on their concerned activities and must come into effect as soon as possible.