Somaliland: Building Pretending Contestants yet Supporting the Real Candidate (Silanyo)


By: Omar. A. Omar
Hargeisa (Somaliland Sun). The minister of Information and Culture, Hon. Abdillahi Mohamed Daahir (Cakuse) strongly condemned that there are some who pretend to bear themselves to be a contestants yet on the other hand supports the president to be an actual contestant for a ruling party KULMIYE.

The minster was in his trip to various Europe countries, where he talks about the misunderstood differences between some of head ministers naming Minister of Finance, Minster of Foreign Affairs and the chairman of KULMIYE party.
The minister who talks directly to some Diaspora community in Sweden said “KULMIYE is a strong and unified party known and if the ruling is tough, then you let yourself down but there are other pretenders wishing themselves to be candidates and creating phonics that the president will be the declared candidate but why were you presiding these participation? It is not good to create misunderstood testimonial within the party.” Said Abdillahi (Cakuse).
The minister laments that creating all this will cause indulge and affect the president’s achievements or development of government at large.
“The ruling party KULMIYE has its own contestant and it is the President Silanyo and the Chairman is Muuse Biihi Abdi, Abdiaziiz Mahamed Samaale is a Minister of Finance and Biihi Yoonis is a Minister of Foreign Affairs so the so called “imaginary contestants” should be nullified as it will have an effect on the success of the President. Said Mr. Abdillahi (Cakuse).