Somaliland: Politicians on the move


BY: Sa’ad M. Haddi

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) _ some times of some of political landscapes politician is defined “a snail”. Snail is marine animal that has hard shell in which it protects its self from the other marine species.

Unfortunately every and each walks of life, there is asymmetric information. Goldfish is a beautiful fish which has a jelly skin, it swallows snail. Gold fish’s digestion system is incapable to break down the snail’s shell and the snail remains alive in the stomach of the goldfish. The snail gradually eats goldfish and finally eats all what is inside goldfish and all time same story happens to goldfish. However; politicians have some characteristics of snail. They eat alone all the resources the country has. But the public people believe that politicians are struggling to heal the grievance of the public but the reality is different.
Politician always talk about the weaknesses of the governments, they are not part of. They talk about great deal of money that has been stolen, land that has been taking over by some individuals, government project that has not been advertised so on and so forth. But few weeks after they are joining the same government they had criticized in which they appointed irresponsible and corrupt. On top of that the state media overstates this kind of politicians; the media says “main politician with mass supporters joined that party”.
On the other hand; the government fires some high rank politicians and prohibits for being part of the government because their incompetence, lack of contribution, poor administration and poor team working. Few weeks after the guys have been fired from the government joining to opposition parties, at this moment they are national heroes. Unfortunately this is not their final destination still they are on the move. It’s more likely to join again another party, it goes on and on. However; the question is what the politician on the move are looking for?
What the politicians on the move are looking for is not justice, fight against corruption and bad governance and elimination of tribalism. It just for their personal interest, they are struggling to accumulate more money and acquire more land and that’s a great shame.
How to tackle of politicians on the move
In order our political parties grow and stop moving politician, legal acts should be developed and passed by Somaliland parliament. The constitutional of Somaliland has offered every single citizen to register and develop his/her own political party then compete in election of local governments. But what is not sounds good, is that politician moving from one party to another party.
Eventually; the politicians on the move are crooks, they spill over the secret of the nation and nationals then let us unite to get rid of this bad image of our politics.               

Hargeisa, Somaliland