Somaliland: “It is Ambiguous for Opposition Parties In Unnecessary Involvement Actions” Declared Justice Minister


By: Omar. A. Omar.

Hon. Hussein Ahmed Aydiid, Justice Minister, Somaliland.
Hargeisa (Somaliland sun). The minister of Justice, Hon. Hussein Ahmed Aydiid condemned the opposition political parties that they would like to uphold the opinions and ruling of President Silanyo.
The minister emphasize that the opposition are the ones who let down the Memorandum of understanding between Somaliland and Somalia. The minister told the press in his office that some will say we have our president yet the President who will contest already exist.
The minister said “The Somaliland and Somalia talks nowadays going on in Djibouti is meant for the two governments to discuss on their issues and no opposition parties involved yet the opposition party would like to fully participate in this activity which is absolutely not accepted. The ruling governments are the concerned ones and on the side of Somalia have you seen, heard or even talk about the involvement of opposition parties in the talks between Somaliland and Somalia? No said the minister.
Hussein Ahmed Aydiid also continued and explains that the responsibilities are for the selected ones and we are probable to hold up but not contrasting what have been decided. To accept the opposition is disparaging act and disapproval to the ruling conditions is bad as a nation.
The minister further call attention to the public the President had already approve himself that he will be the contestant from his party and up to now no one has grumble over that from his party. He said “the so called ‘hungry rival’ will suppose to set his focus on the vision 2020 after the president will conclude his successful two terms”. Said the Minister.
The justice minister said “the big choice of opponents within the party will be done by assigned party themselves on who will be selected, when it will happen, our contestant is so and so but let the specific time be awaited instead”.