Somaliland: Waran-Adde arrives in London


Waranade in London

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)-The Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-adde who is in the UK on Official visit, was received hilariously at Heathrow Airport by SL


Before jetting out the Ethiopia capital of Addis, the Minister disclosed his visit to be one mainly focused on GENEL ENERGY.

The British oil prospecting company that is currently operating within

Somaliland has just resumed their work after a brief interruption following

what was described as a security scare.

The issue had prompted FM minister M.Bihi Yonis and the energy minister

Hon. Duale to immediately pursue the matter, again in UK, which culminated in a new understanding in which Genel Energy boss Mr.

Holland met the President H.E. A.M. Mohamud Silanyo in which the issue was thereafter

well addressed.

Hon. Waran’adde was highly welcomed by a large crowd of Somalilanders and the country’s supporters.

It is not known how long his trip would take.