Somaliland: Mend your ways, Omar tells Shabeele Radio


Dr M A Omar

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA :(Somalilandsun): – The Minister of Commerce and International Investment have vented his ire at the Shabeele Radio for not only misquoting him but causing breach of speech rights by creating libelous misinformation through malicious propaganda.

The Shabeele radio is reported to have alleged that Hon. Omar has asked the

Mogadishu government to release Shabeele journalists who are being held in Somalia jails.

The minister categorically denied the reports and cautioned the radio

to mend their ways hence stop their flimsy and cheap propaganda.

The minister told that people who claimed to be staff

of a radio based in Somalia telephoned him Thursday night and sought

his views on the Shabeele reporters jailed.

“I told them that it does not concern us (as Somaliland) hence

whatever issues of their government is their own business.

He was vehement, “It is pure lies what the Shabeele radio aired”, and

added, “and as such they should mend their ways hence stop cheap propaganda”.

He said that he was categorical to them saying that Somaliland’s

press freedom was quite vibrant.

“SL has a very free and vibrant press”, he told them.