Somaliland: Lughaya Residents Receive Relief Food


L-R Minister Warsame Food donationa and Cllr Dihood

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)- The eleven centers in Lughaya district severely devastated by the recent rainstorm that caused floods in the area have been beneficiaries of relief supplies.

The Minister for the Coordinatoion of the National Councils, Research and

Technology led a delegation with the aim of relief efforts in the area

over the week.

“We have managed to supply some 600 bags of rice with accompanying

cooking oil to the most needy areas”, said Hon. Aden Mohammed Warsame.

“Villages of Eel-lahelay, Fugho, Abdigeedi, Hadayta, Maama, Riig-Kalawle and Gara’a and Beeyo ma’an are but some of the areas given the

relief supplies”, elaborated the minister.

He observed that the relief efforts made do not really correspond to the

actual effect of the devastates and the needs. He noted that some areas which were

in dire needs are still waiting.

It is noteworthy to say that “The gesture, however meager, clearly depicted the government’s commitment for worthwhile causes of her people”, said Hon. Warsame.

In other words, he explained, it showed that the state was aware of all its subjects whenever they were and the situations they were in.

The minister whose team included his Resettlement colleague Hon. Ahmed Abdi was talking to journalists soon after his weeklong tour.

Meanwhile the Lughaya mayor Cllr. Ali Aw Nour Dihood thanked the government for the swift efforts.He echoed the minister’s words saying, “At least the cabinet members

witnessed the chilling scenario with their own eyes”, and added,

“Likewise they saw only the critical cases being aided hence acknowledged the extent of the devastations”.

He said that more help was actually needed given the plight of the area residents.

He sounded warning that locusts have been sighted and that there was fear for a calamity of its swarms if it so happened.