Somaliland: Unionist Youth Flock Mogadishu Ahead Of Polls

Unionist Somaliland Youth Flock Mogadishu Ahead Of Polls

Somalilandsun: A number of youths from Somaliland are trooping Mogadishu ahead of the polls scheduled to begin next month, government sources told Dalsan.

The young men and women, numbering hundreds or even thousands have been arriving from Somaliland for the last two years, timing the electoral programme that has heated up this year. An estimated 150 of them have got jobs in government including offices of the Prime Minister, parliament and ministries.

An Immigration officer told Radio Dalsan that Hargeisa’s daily flights to Mogadishu have this year been carrying newcomers, interested in joining Somali politics. Some 3500 have arrived this year alone, the official said.

Ahead of the elections, the youth have yearned to take part as voting delegates or polling officials. Somaliland has, since 1993, declared independence from Somalia, but Mogadishu still considers it part of Somalia’s territory.

As part of the electoral programme, a special team of polling officials were recently appointed by Prime Minister Mohamed H Roble to handle what is called Somalia’s Northern Regions.

That committee has, however, elicited controversy, with Speaker of the Senate Abdi Hashi nominating eight more officials to be included.

For Somaliland, however, it appears the elections are as important. Former Minister for Information, now an MP from Somaliland Mohamed Abdi Hayir told Dalsan that the youths are coming to Mogadishu because they support the unity of the two Somalis.

“We are here for unity; we represent Somaliland which has a share in the country. We do not necessarily follow Somaliland policy against Somalia

Abdi Omar Xuut from Bura region of Somaliland says he arrived in Mogadishu recently after he saw an opportunity to be elected a member of Somali parliament as well as contribute to the general Somali politics.

For Hodan Ahmed, it will be the first time for her to try a seat in Somalia’s Lower House, also known as the House of the People. She believes she can break the usually conservative society walls in Somali politics and join the legislature.

The rising Somalia, she argued, has helped change her earlier attitude, one of yearning for an independent Somaliland. Now she supports Somali unity.

Breakaway Somalilamd immigration did not respond to Radio Dalsan’s inquiry on the total number of youth who have left Hairgeisa for Mogadishu to drum up suppport for the Somali Mps in the coming elections.

With 56 Mps Somaliland as was with the case of Georgia in the recent US elections, may be the deciding factor on who occupies Villa Somalia.