Somaliland: Request for Expression of Interest for Urban Towns Water Tarrif Study


Somalilandsun: The Somaliland Development Fund – Phase 2 (SDF2) covers the period 2018-2024. SDF2 is conceived as an inclusive economic development programme. It supports the GoSL in delivering infrastructure that is relevant for inclusive economic development. It focuses on sustainable investments that spur job creation and fast growth, while at the same time laying the foundation for long-term resilience and development, leading to a more stable and peaceful Somaliland. SDF2’s ambitions are fully aligned with the NDP2 and reflect the priorities set out in Somaliland Vision 2030. For more information on the SDF, please refer to

The SDF has allocated funds to the Hargeisa Water Agency (HWA) for the implementation of Increasing Water Production from Laasdhure Aquifer and connecting to existing system at New Geed Deeble Pumping Station Project activities. One of the activities under this project is “Somaliland Urban Towns Water Tariff Study”.

The objective of the assignment is to study the current urban water tariff practices in six towns in Somaliland. The six towns are Hargeisa, Borama, Tog Wajale, Berbera, Burao and Erigavo. The assignment will involve assessment on the current tariff levels through financial and technical data collection and studying asset valuation practices. The assignment will also involve reviewing the existing regulatory framework in relation to urban water management, assessing and understanding political economy of urban water pricing regimes. The consultant is expected to benchmark comparative performance (operational, financial and customer performance) of the agencies in relation to the different operating contexts of the utilities and make recommendations for implementation and to inform future policy setting and regulations.

The SDF Secretariat now invites eligible Consulting Firms to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested Consultant Firms should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. More details HERE