Somaliland: UMADDA Party Congratulates Somalilanders and Muslims on Successful 30 days of Fasting


DR Gaboose the UMADDA party leaderBy Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The UMADDA political group has complimented Somalilanders both in the country and diaspora for perfuming obligatory 30 days of fasting.

The compliments which also included Muslims worldwide were extended by the political group’s leader Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose in press statement released from UMADDA headquarters in Hargeisa.

Dr Gaboose’s UMADDA party statement read:

On my own Behalf and that of UMADDA members I extend my congratulations to all Somalilanders in the country and the diaspora as well as Muslims worldwide during the occasion of celebrating EID Ul-Fitr that culminates the end of Ramadan and obligatory 30 days of fasting.

I pray to Allah to avail all of us a similar opportunity next year

We also pray that Allah grant Somalilanders their long sought international recognition as well as multi-sectoral development success.

We also pray that our 30 days fast during the holy month of Ramadan will be accept thus favoured with forgiveness of past transgressions by ALLAH

The UMADDA political group is among the 9 political organizations that are preparing for local council elections to be held on 28th November 2012.