Somaliland: Residents of Sool Region Enjoy Hagaltosie Peace Efforts


Above EID shopping in Las anod Below army units depart Sool-jootoBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The impact of the Hagaltosie fronted peaceful reconciliation efforts is being felt in Sool region.

Though security forces were in heightened alert Residents of Sool region celebrated EID Ul-Fitr festivities in a style not seen in the recent past.

This was revealed by Sool regional governor Mohamed Mahmoud Ali “Jiinyare’ during a telephone interview with reporter Omar Mohamed Farah of Governor Jiinyare said that residents of Las anod and other towns of the region celebrated in a very peaceful manner.

Said he, “Peace reigned in the entire region during EID Ul-Fitr celebrations as opposed to past years when celebrations were low key due to fear of terrorist and anti-government militias”

While informing on the improved peace in the region, the governor attributed the high security alert to the fact that Sool region borders some territories that are known to harbor and support anti-Somaliland elements.

The safe atmosphere being experienced by residents of Sool region is as a result of the just concluded peace accord between the president H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo and the commander of Sool, Sanaag & Cayn (Ain)-SSC Militias, that is under implementation.

The Buhodle peace accord which was signed in Dubai late June has so far seen the government released over 60 former militias from the Mandera maximum prison with the SSC reciprocating with the release of four army officers.

Before his return to Hargeisa earlier in the day Commander Suleiman Isse Ahmed “Hagaltosie” led a large inspection delegation to the Buhodle district areas of Sool-joogto, Kalshale and Maigagle where the national army vacated its bases as part of the peace deal that will also see the SSC militias surrender their weapons to the army as a prelude to their absorption in the various national security forces.

Despite meeting with fierce opposition from some Khatuumo secessionists elements that had earlier on tried to disrupt the peace process by attacking units of the army not to mention an assassination attempt on commander Hagaltosie, The Buhodle peace implementation is being implemented smoothly mainly through the concerted support it has elicited from the SSC militia, Government, Traditional leaders and citizens nationwide especially residents of Sool region.

During the tour of the vacated army bases area elders informed Hagaltosie and his delegation that they fully accept and support the peace accord for benefits have started to be enjoyed a short time after implementation was initiated.

Residents who have returned to their homes after the peace deal told the inspection that nothing will impinge on their support for the peaceful reconciliation between the central government and tribal militias considering the fruits enjoyed now, major being return to their homes from IDP camps where they sleep without fear of becoming the grass that suffers when two bulls clash. A number of Buhodle residents in the diaspora have also vowed to fully support materially and in kind the successful realization of the peace accord.

If peaceful EID Ul-Fitr celebrations and the jubilation of local residents on meeting the two prolonged large delegations of government ministers and Hagaltosie peace signatories is any measure then Peaceful co-existence runs supreme in Sool region and the Khatuumo state is a dead and forgone pestering headache.

On the other hand elders and traditional leaders from Buhodle are in relentless pursuit of facilitating the release of four youths who were kidnaped last Tuesday by unknown armed men suspected of being remnants of the routed Khatuumo militias

The four who are from Togdheer region are said to have been accosted by the gunmen in Maskah-bugle village which is situated between Kalshale and Maigagle towns.

This kidnapping that is being perceived as a ploy geared towards creating disharmony among the Buhodle peace accord implementers has so far succeeded in the opposite strengthening the resolve of all.