Somaliland: Citizens Urged To Protect National Oneness


VP Sayli Greets Citizens at a Hargeisa streetBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The cohesion of Somalilanders does not only emanate from a shared flag but family links as well.

This was said by the Vice president Hon Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail “Sayli” after EID Ul-Fitr prayers at a city mosque where he also entreated ALLAH to provide succor for the many who are suffering from effects of prolonged droughts in the country.

Said he, “We who are not only citizens of one country but Cousins, in-laws and uncles to one another should ensure that we maintain our hard won cohesion especially during local council elections as well as ensure the vulnerable in our community are neither left to wallow nor endure difficult livelihoods”

While informing that the government is committed to ensuring that forthcoming local council elections in the country will be held in a democratic and impartial manner VP Sayli asked southern Somali’s to be transparent and patient as they shift from a transitional to a permanent form of government.

He informed that the road taken by Somalilanders thus attain prevalent people oriented government was very arduous and pot-holed, Said he, “It took us 21 years of strenuous efforts to reach where we are today thus urge you our Somali brothers to be patient and mindful of your people thus achieve perfect government”

Although the VP acceded to the fact that the government needs censure in order to provide perfect governance, he urged that criticism should not be made without proper cause. He said that it was the duty of every citizen to see to it that public property and services are not misused by a few while the majority suffers for want.

EID Ul-Fitr prayers that were held nationwide also saw the president at the main (Jamaa) mosque in Hargeisa where he also made an address to the nation.