Somaliland: UFRESH Industries License Cancelled for Selling Contaminated Products


Somalilandsun- Somaliland Quality Control Agency has stopped a local factory from manufacturing products. According to information received by Somaliland sun UFRESH Company which produces several soft drink brands and milk was stopped from accessing Somaliland market because her products were found to be contaminated and risk public health.

The chairman of Somaliland quality control agency Mr.Musa Hassan Haji revealed that they had stopped the UFRESH Company from producing products for local consumption because they posed health and hygiene hazard to the public.

The agency chairman informed journalists that dirt had been found in some products produced UFRESH factory.  The quality control boss said “To make sure that the products produced by this factory have the best standard of hygiene it will be closed indefinitely.”

The specimen of some if its product were shipped to a second country quality control laboratories and their results show that their products are of inferior quality and threaten the health of the unsuspecting consumers.

He went on to say “From 9th December 2018 UFRESH Enterprises located in Koodhbuur area of Hargeisa should stop the processing of any kind of products until further notice by the agency.”

All in all 28 types of products come through the factory of UFRESH Enterprises, and some of them have been proved to be contaminated and dangerous for consumption.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir