Somaliland: SOLJA Report Indicates Massive Freedom of Press Violations by Government


Somalilandsun- The Somaliland journalist Association (SOLJA) chairman Mr.Mohammud Abdi Jama (Huuto) has released the annual journalistic report which shows the increase in maltreatment of journalists by the authorities in the Somaliland republic. The journalist association reported that the regions of Somaliland has seen increase of journalist being held incommunicado and independent media houses being shut down recklessly because of flimsy accusations.

SOLJA chairman said that an independent press is the cornerstone of democratic institutions and should not be infringed with by the state.

He revealed that 21 journalists have been incarcerated in the six regions of Somaliland. The SOLJA chairman said that the independent newspapers like Foore, Waberi and Hubsad have been harassed by officers from the criminal investigation department (CID) who interrogated them about their sources. Mr.Huuto also confirmed that two television station have suffered the brunt of the CID after being summoned to their offices many times.

Mohamoud Abdi Jama, chairman of the Somaliland Journalists Association,

He cited Waberi newspaper an opposition leaning newspaper which has been removed from circulation of unsubstantiated claims.

He called on the government to respect freedom of expression in the country since Somaliland is a democratic republic.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir