Somaliland: Rumours of Surgical Reshuffling of Administration Galore


somalilandsun – Since returning from the eastern regions of the country a week ago, political commentators were ears wide; waiting the president to make far-reaching changes in his ailing administration. News filtering from those close to the realms of power informed us the head of state was going to mak surgical changes in his government.

According to our informants the president was expected to show the exit door to about five ministers and dismiss another five.

The information about the upcoming cabinet reshuffle is awash in Hargeisa tea shops and social media. Some political pundits are even revealing the names of those expected to be appointed by the president. The political commentators have gauged that the presidential reshuffle will coincide with head of state first anniversary which is on 13th December 2018.

Members of the public have high expectation on the president to bring in high caliber people who would help him in applying good foreign, internal security policies that can help Somaliland maneuver in this unpredictable political climate sweeping across the Horn of Africa region.

Many people have criticized president Bihi choice of cabinet calling them incapable of healing the political rift created by the last general election.